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Sacher Lasertechnik GmbH

Sacher Lasertechnik GmbH

Sacher Lasertechnik (SLT) is a well established business with more 30 years experience in laser technology. The founder, Dr. Joachim R. Sacher is one of the pioneers of diode lasers with external cavity. SLT offers a portfolio of several different laser product families based on patented technology for the application in general research, quantum technology, spectroscopy, metrology, environmental science, biomedicine, space technology and process control. Production depth ranges from wafer cleaving & dicing over and facet coatings over chip assembly, laser control electronics to a laser application lab for laser qualification for customer applications.


+49 6421 305-0

Hedwig-Jahnow-Straße 12, 35037 Marburg, Deutschland

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