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design!struktur has been founded by Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Bernatzki 2003 and today is located in Ettringen / Allgäu in Bavaria. After graduating as an Engineer in Aircraft Design, expertise has been collected as in the field of sports and racing car design and construction with special focus on aerodynamics and plastics technology. Significant expertise in the segments of precision optics and mechanics and medical technologies has been collected then as mechanical engineer in the optics industry for more than 12 years.
The foundation of design!struktur was motivated primarily by the intention to offer industrial design and mechanical engineering, as well as prototyping and serial production to customers from one source. Before that it was an often made experience that design studies were considered to be mechanically not feasible, were put aside or product developments did not match the demanded style and design.
design!struktur prevents obstructive and time-consuming interface gaps and provides actually feasible designs and mechanical constructions and production claiming for best practicability and manufacturability.
Beyond that design!struktur offers services in the fields of optical design, procurement of optical and mechanical components as well as sample, prototype and small to middle volume assembly of optomechanical groups and devices including commissioning.


+49 8249 9694-033

Tussenhauser Str. 24, 86833 Ettringen, Deutschland

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